Products and Services

We at Cairns Automatic Doors, can provide, a comprehensive range of both products and services connected with the automation of electrical and the hydraulic action of all door operating and control devices.

Please call and talk to us before committing to one of the large out of town manufacturers / suppliers on any door issues. We can offer sound advice on what would be most suitable for your requirements, and also prevent you from getting locked into a specific manufacturer, due to their crafty use of software, equipment & after sales pricing that only they have access to.

Here is list of some of the services on offer:

Service and Breakdown Repair

All makes and models of both automatic and hydraulic door operating products serviced and repaired.
Eg. motion detector replacement and set up, reserve battery replacement, additional safety features installed, key switches, buttons and all other accessories repaired or replaced etc.

Maintenance and Adjustments

Routine scheduled maintenance of all existing door equipment to AS5007 standard, any adjustments can be made and a full report of condition and recommendations (particularly regarding safety & improvements) supplied to the customer.

Retro Fit

This is an area we specialise in, and is a very practical, popular and economical way of bringing aging or failed existing automated sliding door operators back up to ‘as new’ operating condition, it allows huge savings in both labour and decor by utilising the existing housing, pelmet and door panels.
In some cases the retro infill can be achieved at a more economical cost than it would be to just purchase just ‘one’ item of the existing manufacturer’s parts.

Door Panels and Floor Guides

Occasionally door panels get knocked of their tracks, and the floor guides can easily get broken or start to abrasively scrape and damage the door panel. We can re- instate door panels and repair or replace all floor guide systems.

Hydraulic Door Closers

Choosing the correct size hydraulic door closer to suit the application is very important, various factors such as door weight, wind loading, internal or external location and the nature of person using the door all have to be taken into consideration.
We can assess your needs, supply and install both surface mounted door closers and the concealed type of closer.

Automatic Swing Doors

Supply, install and commission of automatic swing door closers, these are commonly used for disabled access into both domestic and commercial buildings, disabled toilet access, hospital and aged care facilities etc.
Numerous safety features can be incorporated to prevent automatic swing doors bumping or opening into people around the active area

Finger Trap Prevention

Whenever a swing door of any type is in use a serious risk is apparent for finger trap within the shear points of hinge sides of the moving door leaf. This is particularly dangerous where small children and the elderly are present, eg schools, nursing homes & hospitals.
We can recommend supply and install a leading brand of safety equipment which will drastically reduce this risk to both side of the hinge finger trap zone.